Monday, February 27, 2012

one hundred push ups

Starting Today I'm on Day one, Week one of "100 push ups".

ok ok, fine....  I need to fill you in...  Without detail, I'm "fine".  I'm not going to get into what exactly is "wrong" with me.  Apparently I'm never going to be an olympian.  So, now that we've established I have limitations, let's focus instead on what I CAN do.  I will continue to train, to fight the good fight, to nap as needed, to remember that my snowflake melted, and that no matter what, my run will always be there for me.

Part of fighting the good fight is to try to build a little muscle mass.

I might be weak and bone weary tired, but at least I'll be less weak and tired.

So to clarify:  last week I started 100 push ups.

Holy carp.  On day 3 I was struggling to keep up.  So I decided that I would repeat week one.  No harm in that.  It's a self paced program.

oh... and did you know there's something called "two hundred sit ups"and "One Fifty Dips" and "Two hundred squats" and "Twenty Five Pull-ups"....  guess what I'm also starting this week?

No worries though.  I've got this...

Dips – Level 1 – initial test 20

Push-ups – Level 1 – initial test 3

Sit-ups – level 5 – initial test 71

Squats – haven’t taken the initial test just yet, I’ll get that in today.

Pull-ups – level 0…  there is no level Zero, Panda.


Pam @ said...

I tried to do the 100 pushups a few months ago. I did about 20 on my initial test and after a few weeks I could still only do about 25. I think that's my plateau. :\

Kortni said...

Wow! You go girl! I have considered the push-ups in the past, but 100 just seems like so many....Good luck!

Char said...

Knees or toes? 100 from the toes - impossible. 100 from the knees - only slightly less daunting. I have ridiculously stupid long arms and zero muscle. Good luck with the challenge.

Marie said...

Good luck with the challenge! Wow! That's awesome! I considered those challenges and the push ups I know will kill me...I have zero arm the dips and the sit ups...hmm...might look into them...