Sunday, January 20, 2013

I forgot how to race

I forgot how to race.

I freaked out the night before the 15K and had to phone a friend to ask what to wear. #seriously?
On Saturday I rode for over 2 hours on my road bike with The Gentlemen of The Roads. So... yeah. Not an ideal way to prepare for a race.

That’s okay though, because the 15K wasn’t a race for me.  I was using it as a tempo run per Harry Potter’s suggestion.

“Stick to the plan. Don’t get caught up in the moment.”
“Unless XYZ happens. And then RUN ON THE EDGE OF DEATH....”
~um~ I kinda love Harry Potter for understanding me so well.

So, I set a goal of 1:18:xx based on my race day goal. Not this race, yo! The one I’m actually training for...

I slept so deeply that I woke up unsure of what day of the week it was... #weird.
Who does that before a race? Someone who’s insane.
 Or someone who’s not racing.

I arrived at the start and connected with gobs of awesome people ~ SpeeDee, IronJ, Merlin and more. And then, I went for a run.

Before the race I ran 2+ miles. Most at an easy pace, and also 6X200m strides.
But...I forgot how to plan...

Just before the start, when they were calling “2 minutes till gun time”, I was suddenly starving and ate my GU. I chased it with 4 sips of water, and went to the line as the gun went off.

I was with IronJ. And I wished her luck as I crossed the timing mat. The photographer caught that... I kinda love that, to be honest. Not the best photo ever, but, the moment.. it was priceless.
January & I'm wearing a tank.
Love RVA...

I forgot how to do a controlled start...

I went out too fast, and fought with myself for the first 2 miles as I tried to get my pace inline where I wanted it.

By the last 3 miles I was working hard to maintain on the climbs.  But, I was enjoying the moment. I realized that my MOJO was SO with me just then. Oh yes. Me & my MOJO were on a controlled tempo run.

I forgot how hard it is to race and hold a pace. It takes mental stamina, and today I remembered that detail.

... and then... shoot, I got all caught up in the moment and pushed the pace for the last bit. I forgot it wasn’t a race.

I was running neck & neck with someone and we kept edging each other out... ah well. It was fun. I managed to hang on... incase you wondered.

So... If I’d had the perfect day, and executed the plan exactly, I would have run 15K in 1:18:10.
I ran 15K in 1:18:20.

I may have forgotten “how to race”, BUT I still managed to run the plan.

SpeeDee, Merlin, GBA GF
And then, I ran back out into the course to get IronJ (another 2 miles round trip). And then, I ran back out into the course to get Merlin. SpeeDee had already run back for him.

I was really pleased with my day today.
12th in my A.G. (of 43).
1:18:20 which is a pretty serious PR for me...

But what made today was when I realized that MOJO and GBA aren’t about performance as much as camaraderie and enjoying the process.

Yep. It was a GREAT day.

 Also, the post race brunch was super... but that's probably a story for another day.

~savor the run~

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Kortni said...

Congrats...always fun to have a great run/race!