Tuesday, January 29, 2013

aka the run where I was the quietest I’ve been in the last 4 years

So the big question from everyone right now is, “Are you Running THE 10K?”

There is only one 10K in the ENTIRE WORLD, as far as most Richmonders are concerned. Ya either LOVE IT. Or ya HATE IT. But if you live in RVA you probably have an opinion on THE 10K.

Monument Ave 10K is a Flat, Fast, Out and Back 10K that runs every spring in RVA. It inspires about 35,000 people to lace on shoes and move a total of 6.2 miles. It’s great for the speedy runners because it has seeded waves based on PAST 10K performance.

Are you running THE 10K?
Everyone's Doing It. It's the IN thing. You KNOW you want to...
No. I am not.

For two reasons.

The first is logistical. The race is the same weekend I am running away to the beach for a weekend with friends.

The next is logical. I earned a PR last year because I did race specific training. Right now I’m training for a longer distance.  I’m doing race specific training toward a Marathon, which would hardly prepare me for a 10K PR.

Besides, lately I've been a little defeated. I felt a little like I lost all my speed...~sniff~ and so it would be really hard to try to race a 10K knowing that my training hasn't allowed me to keep my speed...

er.. In Theory.

Cos on Sunday is went for a casual easy run with friends. ~yeah~ so. About *that*.

“Come run with me” wrote Coach Black.

If you’ve ever run in RVA, you might have seen Coach Black, Harry Potter, Ru, Yob, Ed, and Just Pink form a pack and charge down the street. They are beautiful to watch, running in unison with long fluid strides. Today, I was in the mix. AND It was super. I’m serious. It’s a wicked feeling to be wrapped up in that energy.

Of course, I didn’t do a lot of talking with my friends on the run. I listened as they exchanged stories and bantered with each other. I was not running on the edge of death, but I probably wasn't far from it at points. It’s laughably the quietest I’ve been in the last 4 years...

At some point I gasped a small comment about holding them up. They generally scoffed at my statement. I was running with The Team, and they were fine with the pace, regardless.  Besides, they were all pretty quick to point out that I was holding my own.

And I was.

Could they have dropped me? Oh sure, in a HOT minute. But the point they were making was WHY?

And then it happened. On Grove Ave I suddenly remembered:
Oh freaking yeah. I’m a Galactically Bada** runner, and I have some Bada** Friends.
They can freaking run.
And so can I.

Turns out I ran the first 5 miles only a few seconds above my PR 10K race pace from last spring, and the second 5 miles 8-35 seconds under my goal marathon race pace for this spring.  So. Am I ACTUALLY slower this year?
It would seem no...

And, if I'm struggling with pace these days, is it possible have I allowed myself to become mentally defeated?

Sunday's run was a good reminder that even when you're training for a marathon, it's a good idea to drop in and run with faster people now and then. And, I really need to thank Coach Black & the All Black Team for sharing their collective MOJO with me Sunday. It was just what the Dr ordered going into the 50 mile weeks ahead. ~Thanks Coach~

Also, Harry Potter, On The Edge Of Death will be my new PRN motto. #justsayin’

~savor the bada** run~

*PRN - as needed

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