Monday, January 7, 2013

secrets are destructive

when you are a blogger who writes about running, and you are keeping your running plans secret, it's hard to blog about running to a bunch of runners who read blogs about running....
runners are weird.

ya know? Cos, If I tell you what I did this weekend, you'll figure out what I'm trying to do this spring.

Of course, the title of the blog is NEUROSIS OF THE STAY AT HOME MARATHONER... which really should be STUDENT AND HALF-IRON(WO)MAN MARATHONER.... cos I don't stay at home much anymore, to the dismay of my sweet mutt.

Anyway, all y'all might have figured out my preferred distance without me telling you....

REGARDLESS, the result of my not telling all y'all means that this running blog is turning into a play by play of mountain bike shenanigans, a "how to get into mtb" 101 course, and an Ad for the Greater RVA trail systems.

I guess I need to figure out a happy medium.

So to fill you in on the running...

I'm running a solid number of pain free miles each week.

BUT the truth of it is... the "cross training" is really hard to resist, and the BOMB (Blogger On Mountain Bike) will likely continue.

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