Monday, January 14, 2013

First RULE of swimming

I'm cross.

Stupid rain came in and ruined a perfectly good mtb X-training day. I made a plan last monday about how I would spend this monday if the weather was cooperative.

It was not.

Of course, it's not like it was a surprise. I really hoped that the weatherman was wrong and that it would be cool and damp today, versus cool and pouring rain. The staccato of drops on the glass has pattered all day, broken only by an occasional percussion of wind.

So, mtb was out.

Instead I went to the pool for my cross training. I felt pretty good when I started, worked hard on reaching and #stuff. And suddenly, about 18 minutes in, I didn't feel so good...

at all...

So I flipped over and did a lap of back stroke. Figured that would help....

And then I went back to free, gagged, sucked in a mouthful of water... and ~ew, so gross~ almost threw up in the pool. First rule of swimming, "don't drown". Bet'cha the second rule is "try not to vom"...

I dragged myself out at 20 minutes of swimming, stumbled to the showers, and dressed while fighting waves of nausea. I had to pull my sucktastic beige mini-van over twice on the 4 mile drive home, and I crawled into bed where I collapsed for a two hour nap.

W.T.F was THAT?

I can swim.
I know I can.
I really needed a solid 45-50 minute cross train today cos I'm training and #junk.
... I really can swim, I swear.
<~ somewhere on this side bar there is proof in the form of a Half Ironman distance Triathlon. There was definitely swimming going on that day...

But nope. For some reason today I couldn't. Maybe the pool was too warm, or I was dehydrated, or stress upset my stomach. It's still feeling weird... wait, didn't I just blog about feeling weird?

Crap. Maybe I'm coming down with something.

Give me a fecking break.
I don't have time for this.
I'm a mom-slash-nursing student who's training for a marathon.

yeah, I said it. A marathon. I must be insane. or weird.

runners are weird.

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carrie said...

Here's to hoping it was just an off day and nothing else. Those happen sometimes.