Saturday, June 23, 2012

Adventures in Endurance Sports

Once upon a time there was this ~awesome~ woman I know named TMB.  Y'all know her.  She was at some kind of preschool *thingy* and when asked, "what do you do?" her response was, "I am an endurance athlete".

Dude.  Why didn't I think of that?

That is SO on target.

When people ask me what I *do*, WHY am I so fixated on "my-cup-is-half-full-in-nursing-school-also-pay-no-attention-to-my-eye-twitch" response?

From now on I'm going to remember to drop that into conversation in a strategic way.

The endurance athlete thingy, not the eye twitch.

I mean, what ev's.  I've run 4 marathons, I think that qualifies me.

And this week I rode about 65 miles on my bike and swam about 2 miles and ran a few miles here and there.

Yup.  Running just isn't painful enough these days.  I need something *else* to make me tired enough to sleep through the night, so I've decided to pick a challenge and have committed to training for a Half Ironman in September.

SERIOUSLY? What the feck am I thinking?!  oh, I mean...

Yes, seriously.

I know I said I would *never* do something as crazy as an Ironman.  And that's why this is only HALF as crazy.

The reason I decided to do it though has to do with the timing of it.  And the fact that it was paid for by someone else.  But the timing was good too...

And you know what?  All this cross training really has made me appreciate how much I love running more than any thing else I do on the roads/pool... though, the pool is pretty sweet.

~savor the run~ indeed.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

and while I was out I found an espresso machine in my cabinets

yeah.  Lots of deep cleaning in my house these days.

Cleaning, and packing, and rediscovering of all kinds of nifty things like a waffle iron and espresso machine.

I also started a new blog at here because I needed an outlet and didn't have a place to vent.

Not sure yet if I'm keeping it and moving ship, or staying here.  I'll let you know.