Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Place the blame where blame is due. aka I'm pretty sure that it's the food, not nursing school, that's making me fat

This is what I ate for Brunch the other day... er. I mean, I ate 1/2 of this after my 14 mile long run... 

and then I ate the other half the next day after my 10 miler.

Sweet potato waffle with chipotle syrup and fried chicken that melted in my mouth... mmm.

Anyway, as soon as I saw it on the menu at EAT I wanted to try it. I like trying new things. I do... but this was a bit excessive, even for me.


I had *some* guilt when I finished eating this ridiculous indulgence. Partly cos I'm getting a bit chunky. And partly cos I'm not sure the chicken appreciated being my brunch/lunch/post run meal.

Did you know I used to be a vegetarian? 

Yep. True story. For several years of my life. And then I got lazy, and started relying on starches too much, and that didn't work out so well for my waistline either. I'm thinking about going back to vegetarian-ism. It's not like it's totally "new" for me. I've been there before.... and I enjoyed it.

I wasn't a runner then though, and I have a few concerns. I guess I'll deal with them as we get there.

So my plan is that I'm going to ease in... I'll start by cutting back meat to every other day. Cut out some of the raw dairy.... and get going from there. 

Basically what I'm saying is that this week I'm flying by the seat of my too tight pants, cooking whatever sounds appealing in the moment.... this is a sample from my new menu.
Tofu and Ratatouille over Pasta. 
(yes, they're elbows because it's what I had and I was too tired to shop)


bobbi said...

I will be curiously watching you. And maybe gleaning inspiration from your cooking. Me, I really really like meat. So I've never had the desire to give it up. BUT, I could certainly use a lesson in eating more like an athlete. Because that is NOT what I've been doing lately...

kat said...

I only eat fish, but I must say that chicken, waffle combo looks very tasty.

Marnee A said...

I've recently gone all the way to only plant-based eating. I've never felt better and it is amazing how many fuel options are out there which are not synthetic or based from animal protein. Super psyched about that.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I am a long-time vegetarian and wannabe vegan. You can eat that way and fuel your athleticism, too!