Wednesday, July 8, 2009

FastFood America

I'm traveling across America. Oh OK, technically I'm traveling UP the eastern Seaboard with a few western eddies. I left VA, went through MD and PA, came into NY for a few days, then across to MA, which is where I'm currently located. Next I might wander up to ME for a few minutes, because I can and I've always wanted to go see a certain lighthouse. I saw it on a postcard once. I know, I need therapy.

The thing is, things aren't going to plan, which is only complicating everything else. And one of the things that's being affected is that I'm eating like crap. I hate eating like crap. Some friends of mine just got back from touring Spain, and they said that everyone in Spain is skinny. Another friend I know just got back from Paris, and he said that everyone there is skinny. And I know it's because NO ONE in europe drives to run errands, sees that it's lunchtime, and swings into a Golden Moo.

I hate the Golden Moo. I don't enjoy the food. I think it's gross. I'll let my kids eat in when we're traveling because it's hard to NOT feed them that, given that the options for food are few and todays choices were even slimmer. The idea of eating there makes my stomach roll over.... but the idea of a milkshake sounded good today. So after eating a vegetarian (yea, with cheese) toasted, uh, sub- yea, it was a white roll, which I ate while my kids ate their McMooMoo Meal, we got milkshakes to go. We were on the Mass Pike. We'd been driving for 3 hours. We had 3 hours left to drive. It seemed like a good idea.

Only, guess what? My stomach doesn't like milkshakes from the Golden Moo. At all. Uhg. S'ok, because I planned on a nice healthy veggie filled meal for dinner.

I've arrived in Marlborough MA today to visit friends, and as I arrived, my gf left with her youngest daughter to the pediatricians. Uh... they're at the hospital. She's been admitted, given a blood transfusion, and (yea, I said blood transfusion) and they're staying overnight. So, there was no food in the house because obviously, today didn't go according to plan. For dinner, we ordered Dominos Pizza.

Only, guess what? My stomach doesn't like Dominos Pizza. At all. S'ok, because tomorrow for breakfast.... I'm probably eating a McMooMuffin when I unexpectedly leave here before breakfast. With the way things are going, I figure, it's a sure bet. I'm going Vegitarian as soon as I get a kitchen of my own.


TMB said...

seriously, I could have written that post. My eating has gone down the crapper in the last week. And baked goods are so back in the diet. Totally needs to stop. And it will ... tomorrow!

momof3 said...

Really. Today I ate like a runner. Finally. Fruit and an english muffin for breakfast, a turkey wrap for lunch, goldfish for a snack, and spaghetti for dinner. I gotta tell you, I actually FEEL better!