Saturday, October 13, 2012

"Actually, they're just dumb"

There we were... Three Moms, our combined Six Kids combing the Folk Festival of Richmond for the illusive "kid zone craft area". We never found it. We found beer (for the moms), Funnel Cake (for the kids), and lots of music and fun. But there was also a lot of herding cats where we walked from one side of Brown's Island to the other with children in tow.

It was on one of the bridge crossings, where I had B'nut balanced on my shoulders, that I found myself listening to two highschool aged girls talk about THE BOY. Do you remember your THE BOY from High school? THE BOY who completely drove you nuts? EVERYTHING he did seems to be artfully aimed at making you INSANE?

Poor girl was just circling and circling... until she was hypothesizing about boys in general.

"I wonder if they just act that way to make us like them more. or to torture us. or to make us miss them. or to make us act a certain way. or..."

Finally, after hearing this poor young girl agonize for another four or five "or" scenarios, one of which had to do with waiting around for him, I turned and smiled at them and said, "Actually, they're just dumb."

The two girls gasped, their eyes widened and they looked at me, and at each other.
Who is this crazy lady with a five year old on her shoulders, and why is she talking to us?

"They're dumb?" The one asked in disbelief, as though it was too crazy to be possible.

"Yup. They're self centered to the point of distraction. They have no idea that what they are or aren't doing is impacting your life at all. Boys are dumb. Epically dumb about girls. Don't sit around and wait for a boy. Go out, have fun. He'll see you out having fun and he'll think 'now, that's a fun girl, I ought to go out with her'. Sitting at home doesn't work, because he'll have no idea you're at home, because he's dumb."

They laughed, thanked me, walked away giggling and I thought to myself...

Probably The Best Advice I'll never take...

...or will I? After all, I was out walking around a Folk Festival with my awesome kids, having fun, dancing in a field to this silliness.... how fun am I?

Pretty darned fun if I do say so myself.


bobbi said...

Damn i wish someone would have told me that as a teenager. So much stress and heartache could have been avoided. Pretty fun indeed :)

Pam said...


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them. Favorite postcard ever.

carrie said...

I wish someone had given me THAT advice in high school!!