Monday, July 28, 2014

A Letter from September

Dear GBA GF & TMB,

It's July huh?

Freakishly hot? 
Hell-oh! No wonder the running is so hard!  

This isn't hard because you suck at running. This is hard because it's stupid hot out and running in heat is difficult.

 You always seem to imagine you lose your mojo in July. And you know what? That's absurd. I think it's quite obvious...

Mojo is not lost. Mojo goes on vacay in July... 

Who knows where it goes... Maybe Mojo prefers Upstate NY or Canada, or MN or OR....?

No biggy. The worst is over. In the next month the weather will break, and you'll be right on track for the marathon you're running in October.

~savor the run~


(written Sept 20, 2013)


Michelle said...

Amen sista!

carrie said...

I was feeling the same darn thing this morning down here!