Thursday, October 9, 2014

Things To Remember: There is NO Charge

Please tell me why the car is in the front yard and I’m sleeping with my clothes on...

It’s funny.  I remember when this song came on my iPod as I started the Rehoboth Marathon.  It was my last marathon for a while, but I didn’t know that.  I’ve trained for a few.  Got darned close to Shamrock in 2013 before that whole emergency breathing thing put a damper on all things running for a long a** time.

 I am my own worst enemy.

And here I am.

Sitting here listening to that same song from mile 1 as I type this.  It’s funny, it came on as the WORD program opened, and I thought, “It’s a sign....” and then I thought, “You can’t read too much into signs if you’re listening to the same play list...”

But I digress.

Every time I run a marathon I dedicate miles to the people in my life that I love, who love me.  Only, this time I am really struggling to write that dedication.  See, I knew exactly who all the miles would go to for this run.  And well...  

So yeah.

This marathon dedication will not be done for one person.  Nor will it be done mile by mile.

The headline goes to TMB, my wife of many years. 
And IronJoan, who has been in our harem for a while now. 
Of course, I can’t forget SpeeDee... oh where would I be without her? 
Pixie who flirts the miles away... 
Zickie Zickie who knows exactly when to make her entrance onto the scene.
My WonderTwin and Shanz who are just there for me, though I’ve not run with either lately. 
Bobbi, who is freaking FAR away but gets it.
Harry Potter who always sneaks in solid words that make sense to me. 
And then there’s Coach Black... ah, yes.  I have a full life.  Full of good people to coach, encourage, run with, be there with me.  I could keep listing to 100, but this isn’t an ultra...

Not to mention, some of the miles have to be for my kids.  My kids.  They are being groomed into AWESOMENESS by my friends, family, and, truthfully, by each other.  My daughter the runner and my son the tennis kid are watching NFL football, shouting out updates, as I type this.  “It’s pitiful!” they say, “oh Mom, those poor Texans”.  God I love those kids.  "They went 4 and out."

Recently they reminded me that this race needs to be about remembering “The Awesomeness”.

I had to chuckle at that.  

"Why?  Kids, this isn’t going to be about awesome, this is going to be about Not Sucking."

“NOOOOOOoooo, don’t you remember Mom? ‘There is no charge for awesomeness or attractiveness...’”

Oh. Apparently I forgot.  Thanks kids.  So this run is also going to be dedicated to remembering that there is NO CHARGE FOR AWESOMENESS.... OR ATTRACTIVENESS.

Yes, I’m blessed with a full life.  And I guess that’s all this run is about.   It’s about 26.2 miles dedicated to being blessed with AWESOMENESS and a full life.... and attractiveness doesn’t hurt.

~savor the run~


bobbi said...

Trying to think of something brilliant to say, but coming up short. Me and the marathon, we have some history. For me, I never know when all the stars will align for that good race. It's rare, and a gift. So no matter what, smile. Smile a lot. It makes the hurt hurt less.

There's a lot of awesomeness in your life (and attractiveness, but I digress...)

Now go make Steamtown your b*tch. Savor. Smile. We're all rooting you on.

kat said...

Good luck, go be your awesome self xx