Wednesday, February 18, 2009

book writing & Inspiration

Yes, I'm a failed writer.  Some days I look at my empty computer screen and ponder.  Usually this is after I've looked at my empty bank account and pondered.  I wish I could just write what I am thinking when I'm thinking it.  I swear, I was so inspired the other day that for just a minute I had enough craziness in my brain I think I could have written 90,000 words of brilliance... if I could have figured out how to start it.  If only there was a recipe.  I guess it wouldn't matter, I never follow them anyway, because I don't like onions all that much, and all recipes seem to call for onions.  

You see, the thing is, the other day at the park I was talking to an editor...  No, this was not a weird dream, it really happened.  Anyone who's met me knows that I can pretty much start a conversation with, well, anyone.  So, I get to chatting with this woman, and I made a joke, and she laughed... and the next thing you know, she is telling me that if only I could write "this" down, she could publish it.  And I told her about my failed book, which she offered to look over (!!!) and I had to confess that I ... um... didn't exactly have it anymore.  You see, after my 90Th (I exaggerate, 20somethingth) rejection letter, I took Yann Martel's advice.  Well, sort of.  I didn't package my book up and mail it to an unknown address in Turkey like he suggests in his book, Life of Pi, but I did delete it from the hard drive.

So she laughed and laughed with me about that, and then gave me her name, business name, and etc and said, "I do hope you figure out how to write your book, because I look forward to reading it."  Gosh.  I hope so too, because right now it's all just swirling in my brain begging for release.  Just gotta get the recipe...  I guess that's what this blog is tonight... Step 1:  Preheat oven to...

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