Thursday, February 26, 2009

Carb Loading= bad

Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean.... and so between them both you see they licked the platter clean.

I hate this rhyme.  HATE IT.  With a passion that burns as brightly as a thousand suns.  Why in the world would anyone hate a nursery rhyme?  It's irrational.  I know that.  I'm not stupid.  *no comments please.  Let me introduce you to my husband.... we'll call him "Jack".  It's so frustrating because he eats what he wants, when he wants and has no guilt.  I mean, why would he, he's 20 years out of college and wearing the same size.  bastard.  

And then you have me, Jack's wife.  I keep a neat little food journal.  I watch what I eat, stick to low fat recipes, add fiber in creative whole grain ways:  I should be a twig.  Well, maybe not a twig, but at least a sapling.  Right now, I'm a full fledged OAK.  Admittedly, I have bad days and good, but it's a constant struggle to stay under 140lbs.  I'm always teetering on the line.  And I know if I could just get to that 129 - 133 range that I could be so comfortable in my size 6's that I could wear them w/o a muffin top.  But ohhhh noooo, right now, I'm squished into them, gasping for air, with a little roll of jelly rimming the top of the jeans.  I used to like to wear belts.  Of course, I was wearing them around a size 10- 12 waist, but it didn't bother me because I didn't ever believe that a 6 was a doable size for me, and it was a good look on my previously lush and curvy figure, as long as I didn't have the old muffin top look.  Uhg.... it's just SO unattractive.  And yet, I see women walking around like this all the time.  Besides, if I did weigh 129, I'd probably squish myself into a 4 and then bitch about that.

My gripe today is that yesterday I didn't have a nutritionally shining day.  It was sort of breadful, if that was a word, which spell check has confirmed- it is not.  So, yesterday I OD'd on bread, and today I am FOUR pounds heavier.  Mathmatically, no, I did not eat 3200X4 calories ABOVE and BEYOND my normal caloric intake, so how on Goddess's green earth have I managed to gain a flipping FOUR pounds in TWO days?  don't answer that, it's rhetorical. 

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