Monday, March 9, 2009

The ELITE Athlete

The ELITE Athlete... vs. ME

I was reading this site about how to fuel the running body into an elite machine.  About how I should be fueling the body after the long runs (2+hours) with a 1:4 protein/carb beverage, about how I should be eating egg whites instead of eggs, almonds instead of peanut butter, and so on and so forth, so that in essence I should be eating 60% of these really pure carbohydrates and some %age of healthy fat and some %age of healthy LEAN protein... basically a High Carb, Lean Protein, Low Fat diet of pure and organic foods, eaten raw when applicable, etc and so forth.  

Sure, I do that, don't I?  Maybe not.  I re-opened my food diary and wrote it all down for a day.  It reads a bit like Bridget Jones's adaptation to the scarsdale diet...  you know the bit where she says something along the lines of "today's diet called for 1 piece of unbuttered wheat toast.... all out of bread and no time to nick some from the store, so I had a snicker's bar instead..."  

In conclusion, I've been fueling my body like a girlscout these last few weeks.  High Carb, High Fat, Low Protein diet full of cookies, peanut butter, bananas, graham crackers and ... um, water.  RIGHT- that I do right.  Bananas and Water are on track.  All other foods *and I am nearly being literal about that, are "wrong".  

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TMB said...

apparently, you and I have been dining together. My food journal looks exactly the same. The only bright spots are the water and the bananas