Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Running Dreams... er, nightmares?

Last night *for real, I'll let you know when I'm dreaming....  Ok, last night H and I were having a talk about Shamrock & planning, and he doesn't want to go.  He made about 6847 excuses and reasons as to why, but the bottom line is that he is not interested in my running.  At all.  In fact, when asked POINT BLANK if he was proud of my accomplishments, at all, he said, "I never said that.  I always just walk away if asked about it."  Oh.  Wow.  So not only is he NOT interested in my running, he's really REALLY not supportive at this point.  You know, if I was F'in doing DRUGS I think he would have had more positive words to say about that....  My argument for doing so much running is, "Anything worth doing is worth doing well", and the only way to get better, faster, or heck, even do this sport is to RUN.  I'm getting off track.  Clearly, I'm still a little pissed about our little conversation.

So, at this point, I get up and go to bed.  To say that I'm in a good state of mind for sleep would be a greatly inaccurate statement.  I was in the "opposite of sleep state of mind", but I went to bed anyway.  I wrote in my journal for a few minutes, thinking that it would be good to vent a little before sleep.  Well, yea, that didn't actually work.... a little back story- I did NOT run monument last year, but I did run the RockNRoll half which is almost as big as Monument.  And ever since my 12 mile long run on Saturday my ankle's been hurting at night.

So in my dream I'm in my corral at the Monument 10K.  I am surrounded in a crush of 30,000 people.  About ever minute or so, my corral moves forward.  My ankle is hurting, and I keep questioning if my shoes are tied.  They are.  And suddenly, I realize that I'm not wearing a bra, all I'm wearing is a fitted tank top that I wear to bed.  So I freak out and hop out of the corral to run and buy one.  *because they're that easy to find?  And I can't get one at the vendor, so I buy a Katie Holmes style bra top to go under my pajama shirt.  Hop back in line... then I ran into a tall handsome man, who turns out to be the last serious bf I had b/f my current H.  *another aside, v/ bad break-up there, not any real life regret over him...  But in the dream, we start talking about how things are going, and how much we've missed each other, and when did he move to Richmond, how long has he been running, etc.  So, in the crush of people we get separated and now I can see the start line.  We've moved up again, and suddenly I have to pee.  I mean, really pee.  And I know there are potties on the other side of the start line, but I won't get my PR if I stop.  But I know that after 3 kids I'm not going to make it a whole 10K in my condition... so what do I do?  Get out of my corral and pee, except the people won't let me out for some reason... and the race is going to start, the people are moving forward in running mass... and...

I woke up before I made it to the start line.  So.  Now we know I'm crazy.

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PinkAsphaltMama said...

Crazy? No. Typical? Yes.

Can I do something stinky to H at work as your revenge? Reverse his mouse direction (up goes down, left goes right)? Change his wallpaper to be a screenshot of his desktop and hide all the real icons? Change all his Windows sounds to be a muffled "you jerk!"

The opportunities are endless.