Thursday, August 20, 2009

next week? but wait!

Next week is actually NEXT WEEK. Yes, that sounds so obvious, but let me demonstrate my stupidity for you all.

Somehow I thought that all the events that were happening next week, were happening the week after next. So, this means that my school doesn't start in less than 2 weeks. It starts on Tuesday. (Or Monday if I end up with that pesky monday class afterall). This means that I don't have 10 days to buy my school books. I have 2 days to buy my school books. Heck, I hadn't even 100% decided which class I was going to add into my schedule this fall. It would seem that I don't have an extra week to ponder on this topic. OOh and this means that next week H is working 2 nights at HobbyJob and that I need a babysitter for my crew. How did I lose track of summer?

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