Tuesday, August 25, 2009

you did WHAT?

So, a few weeks ago we were on Hatteras Island with my Dad and brother, and all the wives and kids that go along with that... add in a few cousins, a first cousin once removed and a grandma, and it was a regular ole' family reunion. So, at the end of the week we were packing to move out of our rental cottage and I asked my father to come and collect my kids so I could finish cleaning.

It was a good idea. Really, my father and his wife are very responsible people. Completely trustworthy with my children. They'd never let them get burned, or sunburned, or lost or even hungry for more than 7 minutes, which is why the kids were treated to "second breakfast" as they arrived in his house.

So when once we'd checked out of the rental and turned in our keys, we trekked over to Dad's place. And sat down to our own second breakfast & more coffee. Which brings me to - a pet peeve of my stepmother is kids who don't finish their milk. Hey- I'm OK with that, I mean, after all, milk is good for kids and expensive. If you don't finish your milk, you don't get to be excused. As the table is being cleared, JBJ says, "Hey, B didn't finish her milk. I don't think she drank any at all!" to which I casually replied, "well, she's allergic to it, so she doesn't really like it that much."

pin drop silence.

"But," I add, "IT's obviously OK because she didn't drink it, so don't sweat giving it to her."

"Weeelllllll", Dad drawls sheepishly, "she had a cup of coffee, and we put milk in it to cool it off."

You gave coffee to my 2 year old? Really? Before a 5 hour car ride?

Yes. Yes he did.

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TMB said...

wait a second, I think my kid's grandparents have done that too ... oh, wait my mom swears it was decaf (because coffee in any form to a two year old is a-okay!) and with the in-laws it was more like mountain dew ... but still, seriously?