Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday HELL-OH 2009 RECAP

The kids school break started with some serious snow, and here I managed to get my kids to pause for .2 seconds for a photo in the snow.
And before I knew it, "Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, I was franticly trying to get 3 kids and 1 self out to the Pageant that started at 4pm". I had to be out the door at 3:20, and I hate to be late, so I decided to walk out at 3pm. Only, C's coat was wet, from ABOVE... but I didn't have time to get it all taken care of because, did I mention, I hate to be late. V&I grabbed everything and tossed it into the livingroom and left for the show...
V, Doodle and B at the Christmas Pageant

and when we got HOME from Church, this is what I walked in on....

SunPorch Ceiling if you had to know, and the water is coming from a pipe in the Master Bath

I stayed up until 2 am sifting through wet dry wall, insulation, etc, while H messed around with other things H2O related, and THEN we still got to play Santa. Can you say, TIRED? I can.... "TIE-ER-D"...
B got a chair, which she asked for from Santa as well as some dress up shoes! Wicked Cute!
After at home Christmas, we packed up and headed down to P'Town and VaBeach for some family time.... aka - Torture the Kids.
All the cousins... so, How many takes with a camera does it take to get 5 kids looking at the camera and smiling at the same time?
No really, how many, because about 29 photos into it, the youngest (18 month old Henry) got fed up and ran off.

And then because we had so much fun torturing the kids, we got a photo of the 4 siblings - Casey, G, Sabrina & Meade.
Keep in mind, my sister is "hunched a little" and I'm wearing 3 inch heels...
And THEN because we hadn't had enough fun for one day, H & I packed up everything and then some, H went to bed for 3 hours while I continued cleaning all the junk on the Sunroom, turned off the water supply to the house... and at 2 am we hit the road to Norfolk MA; a mere 10 hour car ride.
Oh great- C is THRILLED she got the 847 piece Lego Pirate Ship... somebody pinch me.

Oh Look- MORE PIECES! Should buy stock in LEGO now that I mention it...

And we all have lived happily ever after... or, at least we have so far because the person house sitting for me says that Oliver Kitty is fine and that the pipes haven't started dumping gallons of water.

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