Thursday, December 17, 2009

Witch Doctor!

I told the witch doctor I only like to run!
I told the witch doctor the pain was less than fun!
And then the witch doctor he started with his thumb
He said that

Ooh to the eeh the ooh the aah aah
To the ting to the tang the wallawalla bingbang
Ooh to the eeh the ooh the aah aah
Ting tang wallawalla bingbang

I went to the Best Dr today EVER! It is L.O.V.E. Sorry Husband, but the thing is, he so rocked. I mean, he's not the prettiest man I've ever met. Don't get me wrong, he's nice looking and all... but not Dr McDreamy. What he is, is the man who diagnosed my knee issue. And immediately got to work. When I explained that I had a 1.5 hour window of time, he used every second of that time massaging, applying heat & electrolysis, watching me do one legged squats, bending the joint, digging his thumb in which hurt like a ... LOT, and ended with an ultrasound. And then, after all that - "we'll see you on Monday or Tuesday of next week so I can work on it a bit more."

So. Monday it is. For MORE pain and torture. I can't wait. Gosh I can't describe it any better than if I say, "it hurts so good". I can totally see why people call him a witch Dr/miracle worker.

For the detail oriented people in the group, the diagnosis is kind of unpleasant sounding. Scar tissue from a small tear I probably sustained during the marathon has fused my hamstring to my IT band. This means that the less it moves, the better it feels. So I rest a few days, feel fine and go for a run. Here's where the badness enters in... as I run, the area fights to free itself, becomes inflamed... this puts pressure on the IT band. Eventually it could have been really bad. Picture a frozen rubber band stuck to a steak while it's being stretched on one side & heat is being applied to the other... wait a minute frozen rubber bands don't stretch....


Chele said...

Ouch. I will shut up about my foot now.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Glad you found LOVE.. Sounds rough!!