Thursday, August 11, 2011

Captive. Not Domesticated.

I'm on "family vacation" with ~ duh ~ family in MA.  Well, technically my H's family.

We're spending copious amount of family time together.... 2 families living together in one house with a common thread, my H, as the connecting point.

The Fam is an interesting, entertaining, time consuming bunch that's for sure.... and I'm not just saying that because they've discovered the blog.  I've had more fun running, running around the cape, and playing "golf" of the mini-variety than I would have thought could possibly happen in a few days.  I'm exhausted.

And I'm a captive audience.

I can't go anywhere, or do anything without the express permission of the people in the house.  Stupid sounding, but just how it functions when we're here.  I don't mean to sound desperate, but I'm suffocating a little under the pressure of all this love and togetherness.  I need my me time... and usually this is where running comes in to play.

I can just go for a run, because no body notices or cares if I get up at oh'freaking early hour to run.  Except that this trip, I've hit an issue.  My right Hamstring has put me in a time out.  I was hoping to get out of time out today, but it looks like no.  I jogged out .8 miles this morning, walked .5 miles home, and chilled out on the porch with my icepack for a few minutes.

It looks like another day under wraps (ace), scented with the smell of frustration (Tiger Balm), with periodic waves of chilliness washing over me...  take it as you will.

After all, I'm icing the Hammy 3X per day.


bobbi said...

sorry your hammy isn't playing fair - it should KNOW how important "me" time is on a family vacation and behave accordingly...

(word verification = "arsore")

MCM Mama said...

I think you just need to spend some time with a different kind of ice. You know, the kind that comes in a margarita. I heard a rumor that tequila helps hamstrings. ;o)

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Darn injuries. I hope you get past this one faster than my stupid foot is healing. I guess I'm lucky, or stupid, because I keep running "through" it.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Not good timing at all. I love the togetherness just as much as the next but there is a lot to be said for missing each other!

Katye said...

i feel ya. i adore my family but we are away together this week and it is really putting a cramp on my insanity . One TV is taken over by kids shows...the other taken over by sports. One suite...two tvs. both taken. ugh.

Mom's Home Run said...

I totally get the needing me time! It must be awful to have your body sabotaging your running. Hope you feel better soon.

I have five kids, and I really need running to get some alone time to find myself.