Saturday, April 21, 2012

Run Time Fun Time

I ran today.

Sorry, that's not news is it?

Let's try again.

I ran today with 2 BQ's and a 1:40something Half Marathoner.

And I hung with them until about mile 6. Not terribly unhappy with THAT.  yeah, well, I had to slow down a bit.  It was a nice run though.

Got caught up with my friends, and didn't die.

What can I say, my standards are low.

I miss you people.  I am almost at the end of the semester, and I'm back to running for the love of the sport, rather than because i'm training for something... I'm all "schmoopy" about my run love.


Michelle said...

Love that you are feeling schmoopy and can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Hang in there! Glad that you had a "run" for the love of the run!

Anonymous said...

Are you still on FB? Your not popping up on my friends-Anyways hope you are doing well!

Thought of you while doing some planks!

Char said...

A fast 6 mile tempo run is nothing to be sneezed at. Followed on by a run with friends. Definitely blog-worthy.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I'd never have made 6 miles fast! After my last 4 races my brain is beginning to think an 8 minute mile to waaay too fast. And looking at the 100, an 18 min. mile seems unsustainable. Crazy how your view point changes.

Hold on. Your semester is almost over and you will be rocking all the running you want again.