Monday, September 17, 2012

"Put me in, Coach!"

In the underdog movies it's always the same.

The underdog team is losing, and a kid on the team says:

Put me in, Coach!

Depending on the movie, the coach puts him in and he saves the day, or he doesn't, and some other kid saves the day. It's all about which movie, true?

Well, this is me. This is my "movie". I want into the game. I want to play. I want to go out every single time and make the difference between winning and losing...

only, I'm benched. 

Again. And this time, I was the coach who put me on the bench. I did consult a friend, and ran my "bench" plan past him, but I asked him as a friend.  So, since this is my movie, here's the response I gave myself: 

Sit yo' a** down and chill.

My foot is causing issue again. The symptoms are much worse this time. I don't know what it means, or how long I'm here, but for the moment, I'm a non-running runner.

God have mercy on us all.....

Speaking of things that make you blanch in the moment and chuckle later, today I told a friend I was injured and non-running, and the response I got was:  

"OMG!!!" followed by a look of chagrin, "Oh I'm sorry, I hope you're okay soon." 

I'm not sure, but I think the OMG was selfishly motivated by the responders immediate thought that may have been, "how in the heckfireandshoot are any of us supposed to deal with her now?" 

And to that I say:

Sit yo' a** down and chill. This is no time to panic.

Everything is going to be fine. I'm going to find ways to occupy myself. They include homework, nursing school, good grades, an Orange Trek, and a blue stripe on the bottom of a swimming pool. And a rowing machine. And I recently discovered that there's this room at the gym that is filled with free weights. And hot guys... the room, at the gym, filled with.... 

But they would also serve as ways to occupy myself now that I think about it.


bobbi said...


Doc visit yet? This doesn't exactly work with marathon training. Boo hiss.

Sorry friend - heal up quickly...

carrie said...

That SUCKS!!!! So glad you're able to occupy yourself with other things, including slogging, biking, rowing, and the gym-hehehe! I ate hills for breakfast this morning for me and for you! Try not to let the post race plus injury blues get the best of you. That which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

Rene' said...

Oh man that stinks! Rest that foot my friend!