Friday, February 1, 2013

No Cows Please

Anemic Runner seeks Iron Rich Foods to Share Long Runs on the Road, Improved Hgb Counts, and lots and lots of FLAVOR on a hardwood dinner table. Must be Easy on the Budget and Hips. 
No Cows Please.

In the last week I have eaten meat at one meal and fish twice. This was a radical change in my eating habits, I assure you... the most fun day on the menu was the day I randomly went Vegan for the day on Monday. I think I might try to go Vegan Monday & Tuesday this week. 

I still eat fish without any guilt at all, and I'm still not willing to say "I'm 100% giving up 'meat'".  Nor am I willing to 100% give up Chobani or cheese. I already don't drink milk because milk and I argue violently whenever we hook up.

However, this week I learned that there is plenty of deliciousness out there for eating... aaaaand I'm not sure that mammals need to be on my menu.


Marnee A said...

Since November I've been eating a plant-based diet...and...I've LOVED how I feel. I haven't loved how much more work it is and the necessity of being prepared ahead of time on what I am going to eat...and I miss cheese; however my body is responding fantastically and so I think I am forever broken up with any animal products (minus the occasional red velvet froyo at my local frozen yogurt hang-out)

Good luck and have fun. There are a lot of great books with tons of fun recipes out there

Anonymous said...

Beans and rice? Beans are cheap as hell and you can make them in the crockpot!

Anonymous said...

Here dried black or pinto are 2lbs for $1 (and a really good sale will be 3lbs for $1). They go in the crockpot for a few hours and then add whatever spices to them. Or mash them up and make a dip or spread.