Friday, February 8, 2013

Vegan Mondays

I decided to ease into vegetarianism. I'm eating "veg" about 4 days a week.

I'm not giving up Fish. So I guess technically I will NOT be a vegetarian even if I ease in almost all the way. So anyway, where was I?

Lentil Spinach "burger" with Curry topped with Onion
Right. I was "easing" into this... only, the thing is, I've always wondered what it would be like to be a vegan. What makes vegans go "vegan" instead of Veg... or Pesc... or whatever-atarian? What do they eat? How do they survive without animal products?

Ok. Here you go...

They eat food. True story. Both Vegan Modays I've done I have done no special shopping. And I tried new foods when I used lentils for my protein for Vegan Saturday... er... did I mention how easy I find Vegan cooking? I'm lazy...

SO onto "How they survive?"

Ratatouille with Tofu over pasta
They use delicious things like Almond Milk (or soy milk or rice milk or ...) in their coffee and on their cereal (oh, but read the ingredients on the cereal... manufacturers sneak milk in there where it doesn't belong). They don't smear butter or mayo across their bread before putting lettuce and tomato on it. I used avocados on my sammich in the place of ~well~ pretty much everything.

And I keep a food diary online so that I can see where my calories are coming from, which shows me that in order to "go vegan" all the time, I would have to do some shopping to ensure I was getting enough Calcium. Ironically, the Iron, hasn't been an issue. Cereal is generally fortified, and GBA GF never goes a day without spinach or dried apricots or broccoli... and that pesky supplement my Md makes me take also helps.


Anonymous said...

I definitely couldn't ever go vegetarian but good luck!!

Pam said...

THANK YOU for helping nix the myth that we only eat rabbit food!

Pam said...

THANK YOU for helping nix the myth that we only eat rabbit food!

Pam said...

Woops, got a little clicky happy there!