Monday, August 26, 2013


Sometimes I forget what it is to be Galactically Bada**

These are the times when I’m racing and training hard, and for a short time I start valuing myself based on pace, time, speed and distance.

These are the variables I enjoy manipulating and adding to my Training Log. These are easily mistaken as the important variables when assessing health.

If I’m fit, I’m healthy – and the measure of that is how fast I can ride my bike for 37 miles... right?


SO if I can’t make my mark, achieve my goal, keep up with *this person or *that person, I must be *less of a person... Right?


While it feels good to ride a working paceline with “The Big Boys” at 23 mph on a busy road, tricked out in our Bada** GOTR/LOTL jerseys, the PACE is not the reason I am galactic.

The times I am at my most galactic are when I work with another runner or cyclist to make a better experience for both of us.

Anyone can be faster.
Anyone can train.

Not anyone can cultivate a group of friends to ride and run with on any given weekend. Not anyone can understand that there are days when the splits are less important than the company.

The miles aren’t always about the miles per hour, and it’s when I lose that detail that I start to feel frustrated, unhappy or stressed by my training program.

Today I logged another beautiful morning ride with one of my dearest friends, a beautiful Ladies of the Lanes teammate. We savored the miles. We never once checked our Garmins for pace, because we were not out to race each other. We were not out there to race anyone.

We were out to enjoy our morning, working together, to improve our shared experience.

That’s what the foundation of GBA** is built upon.


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

..."the splits are less important than the company." Preach it, sister. I love this post and it is so very, very true.

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Anonymous said...

Beautifully written. So true. And probably the #1 reason why you're such an amazing friend.

When I quote these words down the road some time, I'll most certainly think of you as I'm doing it. You taught me this principle, and maybe one day I can be half as galactic as you are.

Marnee A said...

wished we lived closer