Thursday, November 7, 2013

Acting like a Runner

...Strasberg uses the question, "What would motivate me, the actor, to behave in the way 
the character does?"

I have ZERO acting skillz, so that question was always a tough one for me.

As a runner, I have ZERO motivational skillz these days, so I feel a bit like a poser.

Here's the STORY:

I was going to run the Richmond Half Marathon.
The Richmond Half Marathon SOLD OUT.
I have NO BIB.

So there you go.

I have no bib because I was unmotivated to register for the event until a few days after it sold out.

So I started looking around at races that *might* work for me, and what I'm seeing is a 10 miler I ran a few years ago, and part of me would LOVE to run it, but part of me is ~like~ wow, that is $75 I do NOT have.  

So... maybe I will just not race at all.

Do I have to race to be a serious runner?

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