Thursday, November 28, 2013

Things Other People's Kids Do are NOT CUTE on the internet, but I'm boring you anyways

"Mom?", said my 7 year old in a very serious tone.

"Yes B'nut?"

"When is Black Friday?"

"The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday."

"So, let me get this straight.... Black Friday is a holiday that is right after Thanksgiving?  Like, it's a holiday," and she held up two palms side by side and stared at them with furrowed brows, "right next to a holiday?  Two holidays in a row?"

"Black Friday is not really a holiday for anyone except Store Owners who don't have to work at their store."


On an unrelated note, if you are going to shop on Non-Holiday Black Friday, Please consider shopping local.  There is something deeply satisfying about exchanging money in a small business where it will actually go directly to the person who's dream it was to run a retail shop in your town.

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justme said...

i never go shopping on black friday or any other days, i hate shopping. my girls keep asking me about it as well.....scary how much it is all over news and ads...