Saturday, December 21, 2013

"They Don't Believe, Which is Kind of Sad"

Merry Christmas Kiddo’s!

I took my kids to great wolf lodge, an indoor water park, for their “Big Christmas Gift” from me.  They loved it.  I loved it (to a point).  As a unit, it was so special to just spend time with them.
I feel like our little 4some is so darned busy that we never get to just hang out and bond, which is why I selected this gift and then didn’t really invite anyone to join us.  And we did bond.

Great Wolf was amazing – it was beautifully decorated with trees and snow (In the LOBBY!).  They had a brass band playing  (In the LOBBY!).  We saw Santa, went to story time, and did other Christmas “things” like bought an ornament and played in an arcade.... er....

The Waterpark itself was good.  Lots to do.  All the kids found their favorite slides and did them repeatedly.  For the most part, they spent time together on each other’s favorites, and there was very little fighting or arguing. 

Sadly, the two “BIG” slides that are family attractions there weren’t running.  The one was dry, and the other – The Tornado – had a broken conveyor belt.

In order to ride, you had to haul a 4 person raft about 5 stories up – I’m serious. 

I test lifted one, looked at my 13 year old  It was work.  We were breathy by the time we got to the top, but it was fun to work with her.  And we had a stellar time.  There was no line, we just marched up dropped the raft in and went.

and grinned.  So, off we went.

(best water slide I’ve ever been on in my life)

 When we got off the ride, laughing hysterically, we walked back to our seats to regroup.  As we were celebrating our triumph, of carrying that raft so far, we looked up at the stairs.... and saw two girls 1/3 of the way up, stuck with a tube.

“Awe Mom, those poor girls are too little to carry that raft.  Where is their Mom to carry it for them?”

“Dunno honey, but let’s go help them out.”

So we went up and I picked up the raft and we carried it up for them.  And they insisted that we ride down with them – btw – WAY BETTER RIDE WITH A FULL RAFT.

Then, we took an hour off and hung out and played and rode other rides.  We heard a girl ask her Mom if they could ride Tornado, and the mom said, “I’m not carrying that raft up those stairs”.

At that point, C and I made an observation.  We had a perfect view of the Tornado stairs, and we watched a trail of riders go up.   There were NO MOMS carrying rafts up the stairs.  It was Teenage Boys, Dads and an occasional gaggle of Teen Girls.

“Um, I don’t think the other mom’s are strong enough to carry the raft...”

“I think you’re probably right.  Or, they don’t believe they are strong enough, which is kind of sad,” I responded.  “Wanna ride again?”

“Oh yeah!”


Michelle said...

You know what I think! BDE! (#bestdayever). What a great gift. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. That despite the fact the kiddos have two homes, they know they are loved by a plethora of people whether here or there. May you rest on your yacht, take a break from school and have some GBA runs!

Running Meg said...

Nice work, Mom! I'm glad you carried the raft up with your daughter and shwoed her that moms can be superheroes, too. Sounds like a wonderful trip for all of you!

Anne Purcill said...
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Anne Purcill said... said the Tornado wasn't running???Broken Conveyor belt or something? rode?and climbed? and was a hero once again to your kids? and triumphed? over everyone else...yet again. Wow. Must be great to be you.