Saturday, January 11, 2014

One Bite at a Time

For Christmas I got a Galactically BADA** gift from The Good Dr.  Like, level 10. On a 10 point scale.

I received an entry into Ironman 70.3 Raleigh.  It’s in June.

Also on my spring schedule, (also a “Happy End of Finals” gift), is an entry into a Half Marathon in March.

His idea is that we would train for the races together, and that it would give us an opportunity to spend time together on the same path before he goes down the 140.6 path and I go down the 26.2 path.  My wife, TMB~ Racing with Babes ~ and I are definitely making a LOT of Fall Marathon noise at the moment.

So, last week was T-9 weeks till Half Marathon and I didn’t exactly do much to prepare for a Half Marathon.

In fact, my new training plan is off to a ridiculously SLOW start.  Like... kinda not started...  (Whomp Whomp)

Part of it is that it’s so overwhelming.

13.1 – 70.3 – 26.2 and all the training in between is a HUGE amount of cardiovascular exertion.

More exertion than last year, that’s for darned sure.

That’s not to say I sat around doing nothing last year.  I did ride my bike a WHOLE wicked lot.  About 1650ish miles.  Still, riding a bike is a different kind of hard than running.  (swimming is still easy, even when it’s hard).

So tonight as I stepped out of the shower and prepared for bed, I reflected back on a very light week of fitness.  And I remembered what 3L said about her first marathon.

“I’m going to eat this elephant one bite at a time”.

It’s exactly the advice I used to get through Nursing School.  And it’s exactly what I needed to remember.

I don’t need to be able to run 13.1 miles tomorrow.  I only need to be able to run 6 miles or so.  It’s 8 weeks away, and all I need to do is get through this week.

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JustTrying Kim said...

One day, one week at a time. Then, when you are ready, we need to discuss South Carolina.