Thursday, January 23, 2014

An Open Letter to Mother Runners Who Are Better at This than Me

Dear Mother Runners who Work...

Dear Bad A** Mother Runners who work,

How do you do this and train?  Specifically, how do you get up, wrangle your posse, go to work, and train for a race?

I’m no novice here.  I’ve trained at crazy hours to get my running in while I’m in nursing school.  It’s just that now I’m working in the hospital in an immersion program and it’s completely flattening my mojo.

Motivation = 0

If it was 0.2 I could multiply it by SOMETHING and get motivated.

But it’s not.  It’s 0.

The issue is that I can’t run in the morning because it’s too early.  I mean, realistically I can’t get up at 345 a.m. every single day and run an hour, be done, get the kids lunches packed into their backpacks, get ready for work, greet the babysitter, commute to the hospital, work a (12 or 8) hour shift on my feet for (11.5 or 8) hours, and function...

it's the functioning part that has me crippled here. I mean, if that wasn't a requirement of my relationship with my kids, The Good Dr, professors, etc, then I could so totally do this...

And if you remove the run, have me sleep in till 5:15, so that I could work out in the evening.... well, I’m usually so freakishly tired at the end of the day that I’m barely functioning enough to collect my kids from the sitter, get them home, feed them, get their homework done, get my homework done, and get the (Laundry, Dishes, House picked Up) that training isn't on the menu by that point. 

Today I came home from a 10 hour on my feet work day and got on the trainer for exactly 20 minutes.  I told myself that 20 minutes was better than nothing, but I gotta be honest, not sure where that 20 minutes is going to get me when I'm on a 3 hour bike ride in June, or a 13.1 mile run in mid-March...

So, I need to know:

How do you do it?  

What is the trick that I’m missing?  What lie have I told myself about training that is preventing me from seeing the answer?  What do YOU know that I haven’t figured out yet?

I don’t want to be a slug.  I’m registered for two pretty solid races in 2014.  One in March and one in June.  Both are important to me, albeit, the June race is more important than the March race so if a sacrifice was going to happen it’s there... still... I don’t want to sacrifice, I just want a solution to get me moving in the right direction.



GBA gf


Running Meg said...

Holy crap, woman, that's your schedule?!?! I wouldn't be able to train under those circumstances so good for you for even moving at all after a 10 hour shift!

I work an 8-5 job so I get up at 5:30AM and workout. Plus, my kids are still little so they're (hopefully) still sleeping when I leave for work. Really, what I'm saying here is you are a rock star and you'll figure it out!

Do you get a weekend (two days off in a row)? You could do teeny, tiny runs during the week and then focus on long miles on your weekend.

Michelle said...

At this point, you are going to have to change how you've trained in the past. You have to honor where you are in your life right now. Think quality workouts over quantity for a while. Use your days off as big training days. Stick to the 20-30 minute trainers on days when you work. Over time (and believe me, it took a LONG time) you let a few more things go in the house and save them. I'm not good at this, but I try. My kids are older now and I delegate a LOT! And never underestimate the power of mental exhaustion. You are still in school...on the job, nonetheless. That is your priority right now. You can "race" forever. Maybe this first goal of 2014 is just to be there, cross the finish line and maintain your sanity in school, at home and in love!

bobbi said...

To my sweet overwhelmed worn out friend: know that I believe in you and that you can do this. I suggest prioritizing and doubling up on workouts. How many days a week are you working? 20 minutes on those days right now is FINE. It's mental training for moving while exhausted. Do your big workouts on days when you are not working.

You will fit it all in. Your kids are old enough to help you with house stuff. Let the things slide that you can let's ok.

All you can do is the best you can do. <3

Marnee A said...

Its a funny question friend, because how do any of us do it? Right now I'd say you are in a season of life that is/will not be the norm so give yourself some allowances for where you are right now. Add to that it is tough to do early morning runs in the winter so what if you got up early and did an hour on the trainer a few days a week and then ran on the weekends?

I agree with bobbi, your kiddos are old enough to help out and remember their helping out does not have to be your standard, what is done is done so if laundry is clean but wrinkly because the kids folded their own clothes, that is A-OK.

The other thing I do is freezer meals. It takes a weekend to cook up a months worth of meals but it saves us sooo much time in the kitchen during the weeks when all h@## is breaking loose.

Most importantly allow yourself to be where you are and do not compare your journey to anyone else's.

<> from WA

My Froley said...

I'm not a runner so I can't answer your question, but the motivation, yes, I get. Or lack of more like. I struggle getting up in the mornings as it is and I usually only get up 10 minutes before taking my daughter to school. But as for exercise, I NEVER can find time. Nightmare !