Thursday, December 25, 2014

What did you BRING today?

Today is about STUFF.


I mean that in general today is about getting and giving and sharing and eating and doing and stuff.

So to that I ask, what did you bring?

Yesterday *kinda* sucked for me on a few levels.  I had to work.  It was a "holiday-eve" for 99.99% of the world population.

So ...what did I bring?

I brought bad news.  I stood by an MD while she delivered HORRIBLE news to a family.  On *this* EVE.

I brought my own joy to a day that was hard.

I BROUGHT MY FREAKING BEST EFFORT all day.  All day.  Even when it wasn't needed.

I tried like to hell to bring a smile to everyone I encountered.  Except I'm not sure I accomplished it.

Also, I brought a little GBA to the hospital yesterday.  I  ran up 6 flights of stairs in 1:05.

6 flights.  I haven't counted the number of steps yet.  Maybe next time.  But damn it felt good.  ANd do you know what it did?  It made me better able to handle the sadness of working on "eve" and sadness of "the family" who got the bad news.

Also, it made me feel good.  I reminded me I'm alive and well.

And that made me a BETTER COWORKER.  Truth.  I had smiles and laughing flying all over the place after that little sprint.  It was good for my mental health.  Probably, to keep me off of the 7th floor, I should use the stairs from now on...

USING THE STAIRS didn't just give me a few extra smiles and some endorphins.  It gave me a goal for what to bring in 2015.  I need to bring a sense of humor every day at work to survive this life.  I need to find joy in all the weirdness.  I need to race up the stairs when life hands me lemons.  I need to race sometimes because I can, and not because "I have to" or someone tells me "I should".

Yes.  A simple thing like a one minute sprint gave me a big picture view of what I need to BRING to 2015.

Also - unrelated but on point - it gave me a physical goal as well.
Now I have a time to beat.

~ savor the run ~ respect the distance ~

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