Sunday, April 27, 2008

100 99% true things about me... updated version

I got this idea from a fellow blogger.  I found hers to be so "enlightening" that I thought I would do one as well.  So, here it is, the whole "truth", as seen through my eyes.

1) My name is Virginia
2) I lived my whole life believing I was named for the beautiful state in which I was born.
3) I was wrong.
4) I was in fact named for Virginia Military Institute.
5) The year VMI became co-ed was my last year of eligibility.
6) I chose not to go, in part because I didn't want to, and in part because I thought it might kill my grandfather.
7) Thanks to my selfless intervention he lived to be 97 (1910-2007).
8) Great D-Dad was 90 years older than my oldest child.
9) I got married one day after I turned 22.
10) My husband is almost exactly 10 years older than I am.
11) I have three children, ages 8, 5, 1. (11, 8, almost 4)
12) All of my children are named for a person in our family.
13) Fortunately all the names in my family are, for the most part, nice modern names. (Grandmother Trudy had no expectation that we would name one of our daughters Gertrude- and we didn't).
14) One of my idols is my Grandmother Hannah.
15) She had a cocktail waiting for her husband when he returned from work every day.
16) She also had a cocktail of her own while she was fixing his. 
17) The best advice she ever gave me was, "Stay one drink ahead of your husband and you're sure to stay happily married."
18) She was married 64 years.
19) I believe that sometimes the best ideas are the simplest.
20) All my life I have participated in sports that could be considered dangerous.
21) I think that's why running never appealed to me until I found out a friend broke her ankle doing it- I started running this week. (2.5 years ago in April!  Gasp)
22) My other high risk sports, if you wondered, were horseback riding in many forms, horse vaulting (aka gymnastics on a moving horse) and BMX bike racing.
23) In 5th - 7th grades I was a "ranked" BMX competitor (3rd on the East Coast) and I had a 3ft trophy to prove it.  (Imma little bad a** like that)
24) At one point I owned 5 bikes.
25) At this point I own 1 bike.
26) But I still ride horseback and it's still just as dangerous as ever.
27) I competed in an endurance trail ride (10miles) on a horse who had killed his previous owner.  We came in 2nd.
28) While fishing I once caught at 3ft shark in the surf about 10 feet away from one of our favorite swimming areas.
29) I threw it back because A) I didn't know what to do with it and B) I figured it had lived this long it deserved a chance to be a 6ft shark.
30) It did change my views on swimming off the OBX.
31) I used to sing extremely well.
32) Unfortunately that is no longer true.
33) My favorite musical is The Phantom of the Opera.
34) I love to sing along, but much to my children's dismay I cannot hit the soprano notes.
35) As a a singer I performed in various theater groups ranging from professional level Theatre down to "high school drama".
36) On stage I played an old woman, an old witch, a woman accused of witch craft, a whore, a milkmaid, and a raccoon.
37) I'm not really sure what to think of that, but I will tell you I was in over 15 productions and never played outside those types.
38) The best role I was ever cast in was in Steel Magnolias, which is NOT a musical.
39) My greatest moment on stage was performing in Macbeth when I caused an audience member to scream.
40) My worst moment on stage was performing a solo in Oliver when I cracked a note.
41) No wait, I take that back my WORST moment on stage was during the audition for Oliver when I missed my cue and stood like a mute while my audition music played on and on and on....
42) I don't know how bad the other people were who auditioned for Oliver, but I have my suspicions.
43) That version of Oliver was a cursed production in my opinion.
44) But I named my orphaned kitten Oliver none the less.
45) Oliver kitty was a wedding gift from my mother.
46) My mother and my then fiance weren't seeing eye to eye on the gift, but we still have him- and the cat too.
47) All my pets have last names, and all are named after literary characters- Oliver Kitty, Heidi Hussenfuffer, Desdemona Dog and Will Feral.
48) Heidi is a Jack Russell Terrorist, Oliver is a white cat and Desi is a black and tan mutt and Will Feral is a butterscotch kitty. 
49) That was not a typo.
50) This year my H and I will have been married 13 years.
51) We went to Bermuda on our honeymoon.
52) We're going back this summer. (and I hope that's true of THIS summer too)
53) I have been to only 4 foreign countries.
54) France, England, Mexico and Bermuda.
55) England doesn't really count, because i never left the airport, but I have a stamp in my passport that says I've been there.
56) France was my favorite, with Paris being the highlight of that trip.
57) French was one of my best subjects in College.
58) I still long for the patisseries that line the streets of Paris.
59) When someone tells you not to drink the water in Mexico- you should listen.
60) I love to cook.
61) It's a hobby of mine that stems from my food obsession, combined with a need to control things.
62) Every month I create a menu that I print out in calendar form, just like the menu from the school lunches.
63) I think my dinners are better than school lunches because they're healthier and taste better.
64) I think my H would agree that they are healthier, but I doubt he would agree that they taste better.
65) My H and I weigh the same.
66) I am 5'2
67) My husband is 6'.
68) I guess it's easy to see why I am neurotic after all.
69) A few years ago I wrote a book.
70) Don't look for it on the shelves because I have been rejected more times than I care to count by more publishing houses than I care to mention.
71) The most amazing book I've read this year was the Life of Pi.
72) The most inspirational book I've read this year ever was The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho.
73) It has helped me to try to stop believing the one true lie.
74) I won't tell you what the lie is, get the book and read it yourself, it's not very long.
75) The least inspirational book I've read this year was Skinny Bitch.
76) Aside from the title, I didn't get anything out of the book.
77) I like Tofu (which is mentioned a lot in Skinny Bitch).
78) I think it's wonderful because it can be made to taste like anything you want.
79) By the way, my son likes Tofu so much he often says "It's better than pork".
80) My not so secret vice is reading trashy smut novels.
81) The other one is that I love a hot shower.
82) I like to make people laugh.
83) Until college I wasn't a very good student, but I compensated by being the class clown. 
84) For 2 semesters of college I had a 4.0 & was on the deans list.
85) I am still the class clown.
86) I enjoy watching football on TV.
87) I have a fantasy football team in my husband's work league.
88) I manage it obsessively.
89) Last year we finished 2nd.
90) The year my husband managed the team we came in last.
91) (Don't tell him I told you that).
92) One of my New Years Resolutions was to stop volunteering for things.
93) It's not really going all that well.
94) The other was to be more "green".
95) I say, "about that" and "it is what it is" a lot.
96) I talk too much.
97) I have run enough races to know that I prefer to epically fail trying for the BIG GOAL over a 1 second PR.  I'm sure that's not always a good thing.
98) I am an insomniac.
99) I love RAP, despite the fact that I spent most of my life refusing to listen to it because I thought I hated it.
100)  Speaking of things I hated that I don't, I've finally decided on that ink situation.  Now, to break the news to H.

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