Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Inspiration takes many forms

Last week I had never posted on a blog before.  I had never even read one to tell you the truth.  But a friend of mine asked me to comment on her blog, and I did.  And my inbox was flooded with requests for a blog.  
I think that's so interesting because while I must appear quite witty and creative in person, I'm actually quite serious in private.  Could be a Gemini thing.  Could just be part of the neurosis that comes with motherhood in the modern world.  (or, I might just appear obnoxious in person, in which case you all need to stop feeding my bad behavior with positive reenforcement).
Needless to say, I feel a LOT of pressure.  You remember that pressure that came before a test in Psychology, where you knew there would be some brutal 185 word essay question based on the reading of some obscure passage, and you hadn't actually done the reading?  Yea, that kind of pressure.  Interestingly enough, I usually still did well on those questions.
So bear with me whilst I plow on ahead with my "very" first blog.  I assure you I will do my best not to make mistakes, but I also assure you, I will do my best make it fun.

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Amanda@runninghood said...

I love reading people's first blog (I'm thinking this is your first one) as I venture into blog land. I'm a bit unsure of how this whole blog thing goes but I'm starting somewhere. I thought I'd leave you comment since I just became a "follower". Blogging is my attempt to make some connections and grow personally as I try to get back into running and master this stay-at-home mom of 3 gig. Looking forward to reading your blogs!