Friday, April 25, 2008

something that bothers me on PBS

Ok, there are so few things in life that are free and good, so let me start by saying I'm a huge PBS fan.  Honestly, I have nothing against PBS in general.  In fact, I think PBS is so great that I occasionally have been known to fork over a few $ during their fundraising events & I encourage you to do the same if you enjoy the programming.  (Goddess forbid Sesame St should ever go off the air, even though I do not like the new theme song- but that is not what bothers me on PBS).  I think the channel in general does a good job promoting women & minorities in a positive light.  BUT WHY, OH WHY is Bob's assistant on Bob the Builder a blond bimbo who always has to call on Bob & his machines for help?  And, does anyone else find the sexual tension between Wendy and Bob distracting?

These are the sorts of things that I ponder all the time.  It's really no wonder my house isn't clean.  

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