Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Challenge resolution

As we all know, I challenged my prof about a question on the quiz.  It was a well written, thoroughly researched challenge with citations included, and, it was only 3 short paragraphs.  Last night I had class.  Yesterday evening as I was getting ready to leave for class, my prof sent me an e-mail.  
"This is a good argument. It is well thought-out and supported. I encourage this type of discussion and appreciate your efforts. I will talk more about it in class tonight.
Professor Berry"
(no that is not his real name)

After I read it, I determined that I would probably not be awarded the points.  "...appreciate your efforts".  I figured it was a done deal.  He started last night with an announcement that he wanted to discuss an e-mail he had received.  He then asked if I minded.  No, I don't mind discussing it.... oh wait... he meant, do you mind if I read it aloud!  He read my e-mail, injecting his own comments between sentences.  And he finished the whole thing with...

"I have been teaching Torte Law for XX amount of time and I receive arguments all the time.  I never, in the history of teaching, have ever been persuaded to give points back... until now.  Congratulations G.  I not only will award you the 5 points on the quiz, but I have curved the midterm exam as well based on your argument."

Well.  There you go!  Sometimes it's worth the extra work. 

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