Wednesday, April 15, 2009

text anxiety (to the power of 19)

So, yesterday I had some weird question about a class I had taken, and I popped over to see an advisor.  She politely told me that SHE was no longer my advisor because I am only 4 (FOUR) classes away from graduation after this semester.  What?  "Four?" I said, "it says here more than four."  Well, that's a technical mistake, call this person and get that take care of here, and congratulations, looks like you're 1 math and 3 sciences away from nursing school.

SO, I decided to look up this NET test that I have to take to get into school.  Should be cake, I mean, plenty of people take this thing right out of high school.  I wish I had taken this right out of high school, or at least right after I'd taken College Algebra.  Because holy carp.  It should be cake, but I've forgotten how to do everything!!!  After 3 hours of practice problems last night I was finally starting to get into a groove where it wasn't taking me 8 minutes per problem anymore.  I think though, the wise thing to do would be to buy one of those nifty "study for this test" books so I can get a little help on what else to expect.  The sites I reviewed all say that the NET has 5 parts, but only have examples for the math/english/reading comprehension.

4 classes.  Wow.  This suddenly seems to be going really fast.  H & I even took a few minutes and came up with a tentative plan on what happens in Fall of '10 if I get into that semester.  (most people get wait listed, due to the volume of applicants- last semester they have hundreds of applicants for 20 positions).  Much more likely that I need a plan for Spring '11.  No worries.  Just got to score off the charts on the NET test, keep the 4.0, and stay focused.

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