Friday, June 25, 2010

Four Things Friday

1)  I broke the cardinal rule of running Thursday.  There is ONE *rule that supersedes all others:
"If you're in question about whether or not you can run pull off running in just a sports bra & skirt, 
you should not do it."
But, it's going to be about 100 degrees F here in RVA every day for the next few days, and the humidity is at 82%.  Do the math.  It's like running in a steam room.  When I left my house at 6:30am it was a whopping 80 degrees.  Seriously.  I dressed in my pink/pink runningskirt and a pink sports bra with a white sports bra on top of that... and I did it, figuring that the likely hood of actually seeing someone I knew on the run was very slim.
uh.  the FIRST person I saw on the run was my son's cub scout pack leader.  Really.
(*what, you thought there was a running rule more important than that?  silly you.)

2)  T. is on VACAY!  I will be "lonely" on my run this weekend, BUT I'm so glad for her.  I get kid free time with my husband every January, and it's SO important to remember that we were a couple before we were a crazy mom and dad trying to juggle it all.  For those of you with kids, just remember that... the couple has to come before the family.  Get a sitter and go on a date.  Even if it's just to a coffee shop for a Latte.  

3)  Speaking of Kid Free Time.  Have I mentioned what a great man my own Dad is these days?  He & his wife own a beach cottage down on the OBX, and he's inviting my kids down for 5 days after July 4th weekend.  H & I do not have to go.  WHOO HOOO!!!  I will be driving our kids down to the OBX to spend some quality time with D-Dad so I can have some quality time with my H.  Love you Dad!!!

4)  My prof's been super tired this week.  I argue that carrying around an extra 150lbs is probably wearing her down.  The reason I mention it at all is that she's let us go early all week.  Not 15 minutes early.  No.  More like 2 HOURS early.  I told her to get some rest this weekend.  In the mean time, my B-Ridge was SO happy to see me walk in the door last night right before she went to bed.  She ran up to me screaming "MOMMY!!!" at the top of her lungs!  Love it.  It made me smile after a long day.


P said...

You do have an awesome dad - enjoy your kid-free time!!!
Maybe it's time to invite your prof out for a run. Or a walk. Or anything that doesn't involve a couch and a bag of chips.

Anne said...

Great advice for couples with kids. I've had so many friends split after becoming empty nesters because they wrapped their entire lives around their children and forgot how to relate to each other after all those years.

Deanna - The Unnatural Mother said...

Nice! BTW - signing up for a splash and dash... 300 meter swim, 2 mile run... starting slow on the tri's!!

MCM Mama said...

I picked up Shoo from preschool in a running bra the other day - these temps make for crazy things. ;o)

Can I send my kids too?