Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A WHOLE Summer of "Fun" ahead.

Sometimes the blog... just writes itself.

This weekend, after camp I took my kiddos to the pool with H, for the first time this season.  H has been many times already, but not me.  Busy, taking care of sickies, camping, homework... still, today was just a nice day to hit the pool.  OR, as the case of some moms in my 'hood, to NOT hit the pool.

I dressed today, for the first time in a while, in my black two piece... which... the bottoms are saggy.  Combination redistribution of a** & blown elastic created a new droopy look on me, but I had no options.  I need the SPEEDO dry for tomorrow, so the Saggy Bottom and I had to team up today.  Nice.

We arrived at the pool, and since the top fit fine, and my belly wasn't the WORST it's ever looked, I went ahead and stripped down to enjoy my pool experience.

Having a 3 year old, I pretty much have to get in, or hang VERY near the edge of the pool incase of water-wing deflation.  I sit, with my feet in, on the edge, waiting for an emergency.  It's very relaxing.

The "popular" moms, who are known by me & my H as Snobby Brunette, Disapproving Skinny Blond, & Social Butterfly, also station themselves where they can watch over the pool.  They line themselves up, sitting on half cocked lounge chairs like a row of tan fence posts with artfully arranged designer bikinis and pretend to supervise their children, while clearly watching the "others" at the pool.

Their washboard abs are at least nice to look at, I can be honest about that, but really ladies?  Do we HAVE to be so obviously unpleasant about the "less fortunate" moms wandering around & who's "wearing what" and exposing their less than ideal body types?  We can't ALL be rails...  some of us look like grownups.  And yea, I know, today some of us looked like "grownups" in a sagging store brand bikini.

Yeah.  So excited that I get to do this for about 12 more weeks of summer.  good stuff.

And True yes, I can be CATTY, but at least I can keep it to myself!  Or... I at least keep it between my bloggy pack & me!


Jen said...

LOL! Very funny. I too need a new suit. I wore my running skirt and a tank on Saturday because my suit is too big. I just cannot seem to find one I like in a size 8. I know, problems, right?

kat said...

Too funny, great image of the mums, lined up at the sides, judging and being critical, us women can be hard on each other.

Anne said...

Ah the mommy years :) Keep on doing your own thing girl...you rock!

MCM Mama said...

Ahh, my favorite - catty moms. I can come to your pool with my pale, chubby thighs and give them something to talk about so they won't even notice you. ;o)

Julie said...

I'm with MCM Mama...i could give them something to talk about. My crazy herniated belly button as a result of my 3 sweet children, my mommy pooch, my A- boobs, you know, all the good stuff... ;)