Saturday, June 26, 2010

um, nervousness is weird.

It's been a long time since I've been nervous before a long run.  A long time.  Probably, the last time I was really nervous was last October, ?.  Yea, so anyway, tomorrow I'm going for a Long Run with SNOT.

T is OOT in Key West.  so.  no T, she mutters with a furrow of her brow.

DeNiece is OOT in Jacksonville.  so.  no DeNiece, she mutters with a twist of her mouth.

Geez people what is with FL?

Dave is still recovering his hamstring.  I think he ran 1.6 miles this week... and what I gathered is that all 1.6 miles were in pain.  so.  no Dave, she mutters with a resigned sigh.

And SpeeDee & Jackie P are both PINK NATION.  so.  no SpeeDee or Jackie P, she mutters as fear clouds her eyes.

What if I can't find someone to run with tomorrow?  What if I have trouble fitting into a group w/ a pace I like?  What if I have one of those cosmically bad long runs where you break down and there's no one there to help me out?  What if I find myself running completely alone in the Ghetto?  What if the butterflies in my stomach upset it and I throw up some GU in front of a perfect stranger.... wait... I've done THAT before... what am I worried about?

Still.  All this nervousness is making me nervous.


Mrs. D said...

This is how I feel whenever I know I am going to run with another person. It's ironic, but see my blog entry for today....

My nervousness makes me nervous. My anxiety makes me anxious.

AlfredoN_Schmucker0許許 said...
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江婷 said...
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Anne said...

You are doing awesome as I write this I'm sure :) :)