Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Checking In?

So... you might want to stop reading this blog because:

I am epically not cool.  

In fact, I’m so uncool that I have this wicked smart phone, and I only use about 1% of what it can do.

I text.
I e-mail like a mo-fo.
I can use some of the applications on facebook.
I take and post some pretty sweet photos to my profile.
I can navigate my way through Washington DC with a car full of marathoners rapping out ~ Old School Style.

But I got a “hey, you have a Droid, how do I check in places?” e-mail the other day… and I had to admit:

I didn’t know how.  

And worse than that, it occurred to me after I sent the “sorry, cant help” that even if I DID know how to “check in” places on Facebook, that it would be like,

Neurotic Marathoning Mom is Checking In at Kroger.

Not sure which is more “lame”...

The lack of checking in know how, or the checking in nowhere interesting.


Jen said...

I have a friend who does that for everything... cant say I know how either. Let's me uncool and lame together.

Rene' said...

i actually know how to do it, but I try to only check in when I am somewhere "cool" HAHAHAHA!!!! xoxoxo

runningthedawn.com said...

so....i have a phone that can't connect to the internet. how lame am i? check in? what's that? :)

MCM Mama said...

See, the paranoid in me is too freaked out at the idea of actually letting people know where I am when I'm there. LOL!

RunHapi13 said...

Ok, I "check in" at Kroger and I am cool. And you should have a tab for Check-In on your main FB page, if not double check you aren't a few updates behind on your local app. FB just posted a new update over the weekend and the software has had like 3-4 updates in the past 6 weeks.

Scarlett Mother said...

I don't think I could check in. My cool places include grocery store, target, library, gas station and the pool. Oh, and the gym...that one is epically cool. Really, though, I worry about stalkers and you are cool enough that some would find you. :)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I don't know how to check in and the places I'd be found checking in from are not very exciting...work, my house and the road and BIG excitement this week, the fair!.
Woah boy! Excitement. I don't know how my friends are living without knowing that!!