Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

a.k.a. the blog post where 1/2 of my friends tune in to see if I really just wrote that...but I didn't.

I’m sure you’ve all had that moment.  

That moment where you go out to lunch or dinner, or even Starbucks for a iced coffee ~ light with Splenda ~ with someone.  The SOMEONE who you think is your ~person~ and the next thing you know, the harsh truth come into sharp relief.  

“I’m being dumped.”  

And with that you realize that the restaurant or public venue was carefully chosen to prevent a huge scene, but of course ... that doesn’t always help.  I’m sure plenty of big scenes occur out in the public arena.

Take, for example, my recent 10K.

I had my old PR, we went out for a run with 33,329 other people, and boom.  I broke up with that PR.  In public.  In a HUGE way.  

In a, “it’s not ME, it’s YOU” kind of way.

10K PR and I were quite a couple.  We’d been together since early 2010.  We’d run a few Half marathons together, and heckfireandshoot, even a few marathons together.  We were freaking tight.  I’m sure that 10K PR didn’t even see it coming.

Of course, like many relationships start, when I got the PR to begin with it really never occurred to me that we would be together for so long.  We started out on shaky ground, with several possible 10K’s looming in the immediate future.  Lots of opportunity to move on quickly.  As life happens though, it’s not what I chose to do.  I tucked 10KPR against my side and it became just a part of my life.  

Like an old familiar pair of shoes.  

It was very round too, 54:54.  Even and easy to remember.  No hanging :09's for that PR.  No sir indeed.  The old 10KPR was very balanced and level.  Still, I ~ahem~ don't really miss it.  

At all.

The New PR and I are just getting settled in together.  I'm finally used to looking at it.  I'm not sure it's a lasting relationship though.  I mean, while I like it a LOT, I keep wondering if there’s something better for me right around the corner.  This doesn't bode well for any budding relationship, true?

Registration is still open for our club 10K.  I guess I just need to decide if I should go, or not...  see if it's the right time of a break up.  Of course, then there's always the detail that sometimes the oldPR turns out to be a bit of a klingon...

Life's in the details. 


~savor the run~


Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

And some times when you are planning to be faithful and new shiny PR just jumps outta no where and pulls you in. I bet you'll be dressed to kill when you meet him!

love this post!

bobbi said...

me, I'm looking forward to a HUGE "dumping" kind of year...those poor PRs aren't even gonna see it coming...

Anonymous said...

I love reading about your OLD 10K PR, seeing as last month I just set my 10K PR of 54:57..... Reading how you just now busted through that gives me hope that that too could be in my future... Of course, I never thought 54:57 was possible. I am savoring it. :)

Yo Momma Runs said...

Congrats on the new PR and a clean break! Yay!

Caroline said...

congrats on the new PR

Marnee said...

I broke up with my half PR at the Eugene...course we were only together for one race yet 3 years between races...I was glad to see it go!