Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vanity run amok

Today was one of those days where we started out with the good intentions to run L.S.D. and ran intervals instead.

Vanity Intervals.

You know, where you're running at a pretty solid pace, and you spy a group of runners ahead.  So you suck it up and push a little bit harder, you run a little bit taller, you swing your arms, you check your form, you make sure your pace is SOLID and when you pass those runners you say a strong, "Good Morning."

That's right.

Vanity over rules good sense.

The best is that in the area we run in there are runners all over the place.  Vanity sprints become more like interval repeats.  "Good Morning".  Head nod.  Making sure that the impression of, "I've been doing this for miles and miles and I could do it for miles longer" is thoroughly passed along.

That's how we got through our run today.

"Good Morning."

Nod of the head, smile, pick it up, crush the hill, fly down the roads, and maybe even toss in a little wave...
or, maybe not...
... all depends on if we can pull it off without looking tired.

~savor the run~


Marie said...

So true! I've been guilty of that and it is how I get intervals in and how I get through my runs as

Michelle Dragoo said...

OMG this is soooo true! Love it girl! Happy Mother's Day!

Nicole Orriëns said...

This made me smile. I always feel like I have to run faster too, to pass other runner. And once I have passed them by, all I can think is that I have to keep it up, 'cause I don't want thém to pass me.

It's a great way of doing intervals.

Mom's Home Run

kat said...

Not fast enough, hardly lap anyone, but one day, maybe one day!