Monday, February 24, 2014

Pace is Overrated

“I’d love to run with you ladies some time, but I probably can’t hold your pace.”

These are words I hear often.
These are words I DREAD.

Pace is overrated.  Pace should not be the END ALL deciding factor in whether or not you are able to join a group.  The fact is, if someone wants to run with someone else badly enough, they’ll make it work, regardless of pace.  Pace is overrated.

In my group we run a variety of paces.  We are all training for different things.  Our lives are all at different places, and that does not matter.

We aren’t fast.  We aren’t slow.  We are runners.

A running coach of mine told me that he overheard Olympic medalist Frank Shorter say his group always just runs "the pace of the slowest runner who shows up that day."

I agree with Frank. Pace is overrated. The long run is about time with friends.

Success is not measured in pace for me these days.  When in nursing school, just lacing on shoes & walking out the door is a success.  Anything else is a bonus. 

Are their times when a run is about pace?  Sure thing.   But if I invite you to run with me, and you show up:  then that run is not about pace.

Can anyone who wants come run with us? 

We are an exclusive group.

The people we discriminate against are mean people, folks who enjoy gossip, and individuals who drop cutting remarks.

Beyond that, we're pretty flexible.  We run together.  We take the periodic walk break as needed.  We offer to share TP.  And GU.  We add on the extra .2 because one runner needs the .2 to make her goal of the week.

We aren't fast or slow.  We are runners.  Pace is negotiable.


Running Meg said...

I'm doing my first group run this Saturday. I'm nervous about this because yep, I am slow. Thanks for posting this just when I needed it!

Running for Oreos said...

So very, very true!! I was just talking to someone yesterday and she said "I'm super slow, you wouldn't want to run with me"

Whatevs...I wouldn't ask if I didn't want to!!

Riyanti said...

Thank you! That made my day. I get my inserts tomorrow and I know it will be a slow build. It was slow to begin with. It's about the great company and the outdoors. The slower the pace the more time to enjoy :)

Diana Martinez said...

Being slow is why I've never tried to join a group. Maybe I just need to find the right group!