Thursday, February 27, 2014

Say Wha'?

For years I had the most wonderful running companion.  She's black (shhh) and we have a language barrier.  She understands more than she speaks...  but she was a great runner until she aged into a senior age bracket and I had to hang up her leash.  Walking Only, the vet said.  And that worked out Ok for Desi.

She likes walking.  But this week she had to have some minor surgery, so I dropped her at the vet this morning.

This afternoon, I had a conversation that went like this:  "Mrs GBA, this is Dr Evans from Wellesley Animal Hospital.  I have some bad news.  We’ve discovered a mass growing in Desi’s ear, and (blah blah blah news I don’t need to share) which has likely resulted in some hearing changes.”

“Oh... I know she can’t hear 80% of the time.  It’s ok.  We love her anyways.”

Of course, what’s mystifying is which 20% she can hear....

To the dog:  GET OFF THE COUCH.  (no response)

To the dog:  SIT DOWN.  (no response)

To the dog:  STAY.  (no response)

To the dog:  COME HERE DESI!  (no response)

To a child:  Did anyone feed the dog?  (Dog arrival in 3...2...)

Yep.  She’s just like a child....

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Running for Oreos said...

Selective hearing...just like a child...and a man.