Monday, March 3, 2014

A letter to my child’s first grade teacher...

Dear Mrs Awesome,

I’m sorry B’nut is having a tough time reading, but it’s not her fault. 

When she reads “grand” as “graund” and “draft” as “draught” and “ask” as “ausk” its completely my fault...

See, at dinner my kids get a ridiculous kick out of British Mummy, my pretend alter ego, who talks in a truly horrible faux accent.  The kicker is that they do what “British Mummy” says... so when British Mummy says, “children, go put the dishes in the washer” or “place your aluminum (aluminium) bike in the closet as we have no garage” they do it..

 But ...  maybe “British Mummy” shouldn’t be assisting with the reading homework...


Another Mother Runner

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