Friday, March 21, 2014

OFF to the RACES

Aaaand they’re OFF!

When I was a little girl I loved the story of The Black Stallion in all forms.  The book.  The movie.  The picture book that was based on the movie.  Ah, I loved it.  

I must have read that book 50 times.  And then the 23 books (or so) in the series.

As an athlete, I think about horse athletes sometimes.  The one's who race The Derby.  What happens when they wake up just not feeling the run?  Do they still go run?  Yes.  They do.  They still go workout, because someone says they have to whether they’re tired or not.

So here we are, a few days into my new training plan, and I’m shockingly, on track.  I need to tailor it down a bit to be a 4-5 day week, versus a 6 day week.  By Thursday at around noon I realized that there is pretty much no conceivable way for me to workout on a 6 day schedule.

Of course, one of the reason’s I’m so extremely on track this week is that the first workout on my plan was “Rest Day” for the Monday after the Half Marathon, but hey, there’s no judging.  If it says Rest, we Rest.

Mon – Rest
Tue –  Swim 1,000 w/ 8x25
            Ride 40 min w/ 6x 20 sec sprints
Wed – Rest (I was supposed to do something but instead I worked a 12).
Thurs – Rest (ok, I was supposed to do something else but I worked and wrangled kids and wrote a paper for a class).
Fri –  Swim 1200 (apparently I was supposed to do 1000, but I didn’t look at the schedule before arriving at the pool so...)
           Run 6 of the most perfect blissful miles with TMB ever.
Sat – Scheduled to ride with a group for 25ish miles, might try to squeeze a swim into my day also.
Sun – 40 min tempo run on tap.

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