Thursday, March 13, 2014

the keyS are not working

I'm struggling to write this blog post. 

I'm at the hospital, on a break, and the computer I've borrowed has an issue with the S key. nd the A key. And pretty much all the keys on the keyboard...

I'm typing furiously to get the words on the screen, and they are only 3/4 of the way formed when they get there. I'm clacking away as fast as I can, but the letters aren't lining up, and the faster I go, the longer this seems to be taking. It's like trying to pick up the pace when you're running, and glancing down at your watch to see that the pace is RIDICULOUSLY SLOW when compared to your EFFORT.  These old keys are not working.

I'm struggling a lot these days. With this keyboar, my schedule, my run. And I desperately want to get back to my run. 

Harry Potter, a runner friend who seamlessly blends art and science into his galactically badass run, used to coach me, whether he meant to or not.  And, I was RUNNING MY BEST at the time.  

Now, I'm not saying I'm running my worst at the moment, but yeah, I'm at mid-point average right now. Only days away from a Half Marathon, I'm only prepared to run it at MRP. Meaning, if I raced full out on Sunday, I might eek out a sub 2. That's a far cry from the 2013 pre-pnuemonia me, who was working my way towards racing for a sub 1:50.

Fortunately this week I will be chasing IRON J, and that should keep me moving forward toward the Sub 2 stepping stone goal. I had to make some kind of plan to get from not running well to running my best, and it involves steps. This is just another step.

Harry Potter reminded me that maybe the next step is to put my watch away for a little while. And I think it's good advice. I'm toying with the idea of finding a little out of the way 5K to run to remind myself I can run hard and not die, and not wearing my watch at it. Even if I don't PR, it'll be faster than a training run, and with my base at the moment, 5K would feel pretty short. Miserable, but short. The charity aspect of 5K's is rewarding as well.

HP also made other suggestions.

He suggested running with faster peeps, which is happening by default. The Good Dr is faster than I am, and Iron J is running better than I've ever seen her run before. 

Drills, Strides and Track work were on the list, of which I will likely only do 2 of 3. I'm already struggling with a schedule, adding track day sounds like more of a challenge than I'm ready for at the moment.

Finally, he suggested I stop drinking as much - which is a hilarious suggestion because a) I'm in nursing school. and b) for a nursing student I don't drink that much maybe 2-3 glasses of wine a week. and c) I realize the last time he saw me was Q's wedding and I was beyond 3 sheets to the wind but that's not typically my Saturday Night.

Speaking of my crazy schedule, last week I managed 5 workouts, and this week I have managed 1 so far.  I'm interviewing this week (all three are 2nd interviews) for R.N. positions.  

That's my workout.  I'm certain I'll be heart pounding and sweaty in intervals.

Also, forgive the typos.  An the edit.  It's exhausting to work so hard for such little return.


Pam said...

Only 2-3 glasses a week?!


bobbi said...

you are in mile 21 of the marathon my friend. just hang on - the finish line will be *so* worth it.

(let me know how your 2nd(!!!!) interviews go!!!)

Michelle said...

Such an exciting time! (and I could've read your post with randomly skipped letters). Just like this half ain't your first rodeo. We aren't going for a PR...he'll, getting through nursing school, raising kids and running are a PR enough. Just go out there and do it. Be thankful for the moment...not the time on the clock.