Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Shamrock Beer Tent Report

When my running wife, TMB, writes a blog about a race, she writes about The good. The bad. The Ugly.
So ~ yeah.

If we’re writing about Shamrock Half Marathon it self, it would break down exactly that way.  If we’re writing about the weekend, I would say it was
1% UGLY AS (insert ugly word here).

Ultimately, the Half Marathon EVENT became less about the RUNNING and more about The Social Aspect of The Event.

The Good Dr and I went to Va Beach for the Half Marathon Weekend.  We had dinner at our favorite place, met my family for some family time, had dinner with IronJ and her family, met new runners, and found some delicious food and beer.  We went to the expo, walked on the beach, sat in the hot tub, and did all the things one would do on a 75 degree day in March at Va Beach.

The race plan was to run a sub 2 with IronJ, but on the morning of the race, as we started out, I had a feeling that IronJ was feeling EPIC where I was just feeling ... well, I was not feeling epic.

By mile 5 IronJ was pulling us and we crossed the 5 mile marker around 45 minutes.  Right on Schedule.  But again, I wasn’t feeling EPIC.

And at Mile 7 I sent IronJ on (to a 1:57) without me and settled in to try to hang on to my sub 2.  At about mile 7.001 I realized that my insides were actually kind of angry.  Very. 

So I hit a porta potty.

And then a mile later, I stopped to wait in a different porta potty line.  

Yeah.  It was going to be like that.

It was a long line.  I drank a cup of water.  Ate part of a Gu.  Drank a touch more water.  Doubled over once or twice in pain.  I knew that I was going to be less hydrated after coming out of the potty... and I was right, and I figured – when life hands you porta potties, you don’t make lemonade but you may as well drink something before walking in the door...

I finished the race in 2:07:59, which I kinda loved. A few years ago I ran a 2:07 at Shamrock.  I know exactly where I am now.  And isn't that nice?

And then I went back to my hotel room via a few potty stops, which I kinda hated.

Interestingly enough, the potty stops resolved within 20-30 minutes, and I was able to shower, get dry warm clothes on, and find a beer or two in the tent.  It gave me a chance to hang out with some old friends, make new friends, and generally, make it into a great day.

The Beer Tent went GREAT.  Good Food.  Good Temp.  As far as the "report" goes, the Beer Tent was PERFECTLY EXECUTED.  If I had to do it again I'd do the Beer Tent exactly as I did it.

"You know it's a good day when BEER."

I love that race.  I highly recommend wrangling your running group and doing the race next year.  It’s not always about the PR, sometimes it’s about the BEER TENT and the people with you.


MCM Mama said...

Your posts always make me smile.

Sorry about the tummy issues, but way to rock the beer tent.

JustTrying Kim said...

I'm sorry the race didn't go as planned. But the trip sounds terrific. I agree, often it is more about the people and not the race.

Pam said...

Priorities. You have 'em straight.

bobbi said...

it's amazing how many of my race recaps sound just like this. "race sucked, but had a great time!"

I'm glad, once again, you can find the joy in even a not so good race. thank goodness for the beer tent! and the good doctor! and the friends!