Friday, August 29, 2008

Hugh Jackman and Slummy Mummy

SDD and Slummy Mummy...  Yup, that's what I called myself.  So, you know how I said he just always sees the worst of me?   Well, once again, Hugh Jackman dropped by my house tonight.  He stopped in on his way out of my neighbors house.  At the time, I was feeding my kids dinner, cleaning the kitchen from dinner, and getting ready to leave the house to go to SPTC for the free concert.  B took a late nap today, so she really needed some kind of late activity to tire her out before bed.  

Back to the point...  my house looks like a bomb has exploded in it.  

For example, my fridge is packed with opened, half eaten left overs (from my sickness & the Take out Explosion that happened in those 2 days), and my house is just cluttered.  It doesn't make any sense at all.  I cleaned it this afternoon.  At 3 pm, house = clean.  By 6 pm house = total and utter chaos w/ leaves on the carpet, shoes all over the entrance area and the kitchen... well, I was in the middle of making and simultaneously cleaning up dinner.  Anyway, just to set the mood....  SDD kept having to talk to my kids about their behavior at the table.  It's like they know I find him handsome 

*NOTE- finding a man handsome does not make me a cheater.  Finding a man handsome who looks like Hugh Jackman makes me human at worst.  Resisting the man who looks like Hugh makes me a goddess or something  because ... I'm off track...   Aside from the fact that he point blank told me he's not into married women with 3 kids, and his interest in spending time with me & my kids is mainly that he doesn't have any friends who also have kids.   Just clearing it up- not interested in straying from my 10 year marriage, and if I was, I'm surely NOT going to tell the world about it on my blog...  It's just that I find it interesting that Hugh Jackman would want to be friends with me AFTER spending time with my chaos.  Ok, back to what I was not saying very well...  

Kids- terrible behavior- Hugh- I'm cleaning up -I open the Tupperware cupboard and.... half the Tupperware and lids fall on me.  I don't know if he noticed though, he was too busy staring at C, who had shoved her ENTIRE MEAL into her mouth at that moment & smiled.  Yea.  So, eventually I get the kids straightened out, we get ready to leave, and as any polite slightly smitten woman I said, "We're going to the free concert for a few minutes, if you and A would like to join us."  Totally innocent I promise.  

SO, he goes to get into my car to ride with us and....  There's nowhere for him to sit, the car is that cluttered.  I had lost my keys in my diaper bag the other day, and had ended up dumping the whole bag on the passenger seat.  No big deal, right?  I'll get it later...  Yea.  Definitely Slummy Mummy.  It's like one of those things... always wear clean underwear.  Always keep a clean car.  I'm sure he walks away from my car/house/person thinking to himself, "wow, there's a reason not to have 3 kids".  Anyway, it was a strange evening tonight.  We only stayed for about a half hour because B did get tired and by this point in the evening I was too embarrassed to say much.  I swear.  If anything happens to H, I'm becoming Catholic so I can become a nun, because if having a guy friend is this much stress, imagine what dating would be like?

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