Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Big Fat RedNeck Wedding

Remember that Billy Idol song, white wedding?  Well, the wedding I went to the other night was not a white wedding.  It was a red one.  Well, the bride WORE white, I mean, I can't say it was truly a red wedding....  except....

You all know that I like to change peoples names for my blog.  I'm g, my kids are C,G,B,... the teacher, Mrs Flower, etc.  As we sat in the, uh, pew?  aka, folding chair at the redneck wedding and I was pondering my blog, I thought, "And I'll probably get the use my favorite red neck name, "Randy" for one of the guests!"  Only, guess the real names of the people who sat at our table with us?  You'll never guess.  I'll give you a hint.  One of the names is my FAVORITE redneck name, and one of the other names was made popular by a Bob Newhart show, "Hi, this is my brother.... and my other brother...."  

Yes, the fellow guests at our table were:  Darnelle, Randy, Debbie, and Darrel.  Seriously.  You can't MAKE this stuff up.

Other notables of the evening include the woman wearing khaki colored cargo capri pants, flip flops and her VERY nicest Harley Davidson T-shirt(also beige colored), and a few folks wearing cowboy boots and their nicest jeans.  I mean, it WAS an evening wedding.

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